If you are considering buying from a builder it is strongly recommended that you contact Kathleen prior to visiting showhomes.

Kathleen began her real estate career working with new homes in 1997. She began as a showhome hostess to help pay for university and from there quickly gained experience and momentum and became area manager for a leading builder. Kathleen spent 8 years working along side different builders in and around the city of Calgary and has over 150 clients directly relating to new home sales. She is highly skilled in all areas of new home sales and construction including project management, land acquisition, site management, estimating, sales, contract law, warranty program and follow up.

A new home purchase is exciting. it is the development of a dream and a vision realized however the pitfalls to the consumer can be many. The new home contracts are written in favor of the builder and the builders do not have a governing body to act as a watchdog for the consumer in the same fashion as the Real Estate industry has RECA. In some cases the showhome representative may not have the level of qualification you as a purchaser may want to see in a representative and if you do not have a Realtor working for you then you do not have anyone working for your best interests and advocating on your behalf. In most cases the builder's program compensates the purchaser and pays their realtor a pre-determined fee that has no impact on the purchase price.

Talking to Kathleen BEFORE you consider a new home purchase is in your best interest. You must contact Kathleen prior to talking to a new home sales person about product if you want her to represent you for the purchase, if not then the builder does not allow Kathleen to represent you and help you purchase your dream home.
Kathleen LaPlante
Kathleen LaPlante